About SCA.Training

Our goal is to connect thirsty coffee students with coffee master instructors. No matter if you’re new to coffee or an old hand portafilter-slinger, we’re glad you stopped by.

We share a common acronym “SCA” but we are not the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Our original trainings and goals are rooted in the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) which dates back to 1998. The SCAE expanded rapidly across Asia and successfully merged with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in 2017. The new SCA curriculum was still built upon the Coffee Diploma System (CDS) of the SCAE but evolved to become the new Coffee Skills Program (CSP).

That’s a mouthful of acronyms, but the goal for SCA.Training remains aligned with the new SCA to "act as a unifying force" for coffee enthusiasts and professionals globally.

As consultants and trainers we are expanding our content to serve a broad audience of coffee learners and professionals beyond the scope of the Specialty Coffee Association alone. There is much to learn and much good work to be done to make our industry and our world a better place. We’re glad to work hand-in-hand alongside you in this effort.