SCAA Roaster Pathway

The SCAA Roaster Pathway is a great way to invest in your roasting career. Herein both the craft and the science of roasting presented as machine operations, safety, maintenance, and sensory applications are all explored. 

Endorsed by the Roasters Guild, the Roaster Pathway has a clear goal to help more graduates roast amazing coffees. To do so, all graduates should develop superior sensory skills, learning to evaluate roasted coffees for quality control and establish a mastery required to safely and effectively manipulate roasting equipment. Practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help finish the curriculum.

Roaster Pathway Graduates should be well equipped in a wide range of roasting facilities, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and evaluation experience. However, it must be noted that true mastery takes great investments in both time and practice after such a theoretical framework has been laid.

With two levels available, the Roaster Pathway is available to coffee professionals looking to transition into or expand their understanding of the world of coffee roasting, and will build upon information and skills that demonstrate competence as a professional specialty coffee roaster.

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