Become a SCA Member Today

Many people ask, "Why should I consider joining the Specialty Coffee Association as a member?"
or perhaps, "What value does the SCA offer if I become a member?"

I'll answer the Why's and What's here so that it's a bit more clear for YOU if you are part of the WHO... should join SCA as a Member.



First, the WHY:

  1. Typically I help enlist new members to the SCA in order to help them receive DISCOUNTS on their Certified Training programs. For example in China the cost of membership (about 600 CNY) is perfectly offset by the savings in your first Intermediate course (600 CNY). 
    1. So - after 1 Intermediate course your membership fee is covered.
  2. ALL subsequent Intermediate and Professional level courses are discounted that same amount (in China's case 600 CNY)... so you end up SAVING LOTS OF CASH!
  3. There are a number of GREAT RESOURCES which unlock through:
    1. Specialty Coffee emails
    2. SCA Store Discounts 20%+ on SCA/SCAA/SCAE approved merchandise and training equipment
    3. Access to conferences and Specialty Coffee events
    4. And much more. See website for more details.

There's lots to say about different member types, but the most common for individuals is as a Barista. Read more about it on the SCA Membership webpage above.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is a level of ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION which comes from joining the SCA as a certified member. Discounts and resources are great and practically needed by all of us, but the INTRINSIC value of belonging to a Global Community of Specialty Coffee Professionals is the immeasurable value I'd like to promote most of all.

If you are ready to start training, or get that Intermediate and Professional Certification be sure to contact SCA.Training and let us know how we can help you personally and professionally. Thanks!