SCAA Coffee Taster Pathway

The SCAA Coffee Tasters Pathway was created to provide coffee tasters with both practical and theoretical instruction. Skilled coffee tasters contribute to any coffee organization’s buying program, especially helping to establish quality control protocols and define a coffee program. These elements are essential for any professional coffee outfit to build its reputation and maintain its integrity.

Therefore, the SCAA Coffee Taster Pathway is designed to develop both more professional coffee palates and more professional coffee careers, preparing graduates for work in evaluating coffees and confidently analyzing coffees to participate in portfolio decision making. Due to the rigor of this sensory craft, sensory experts help our industry to push the boundaries of specialty coffee both expanding and incorporating traditional and innovative techniques in a tireless pursuit of improved coffee quality.

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SCAA Roaster Pathway

The SCAA Roaster Pathway is a great way to invest in your roasting career. Herein both the craft and the science of roasting presented as machine operations, safety, maintenance, and sensory applications are all explored. 

Endorsed by the Roasters Guild, the Roaster Pathway has a clear goal to help more graduates roast amazing coffees. To do so, all graduates should develop superior sensory skills, learning to evaluate roasted coffees for quality control and establish a mastery required to safely and effectively manipulate roasting equipment. Practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help finish the curriculum.

Roaster Pathway Graduates should be well equipped in a wide range of roasting facilities, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and evaluation experience. However, it must be noted that true mastery takes great investments in both time and practice after such a theoretical framework has been laid.

With two levels available, the Roaster Pathway is available to coffee professionals looking to transition into or expand their understanding of the world of coffee roasting, and will build upon information and skills that demonstrate competence as a professional specialty coffee roaster.

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SCAA Coffee Buyer Pathway

The SCCA Coffee Buyer Pathway establishes the precedent that the supply chain from farmers to customers is critically integrated (albeit if unknown) throughout the world. Coffee buyers can be considered the key link to help ensure specialty coffee quality along this chain.

Topics such as impacting communities, balancing finance, business strategy, and sensory evaluation, negotiating contracts, maneuvering financial markets, understanding trade intricacies and navigating sales channels are all represented in the Coffee Buyer Pathway.

Coffee Buyers comprise as global trade network of producers, importers, traders, and buyers as green coffee travels a complex journey before ever reaching the roaster.

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SCAA Barista Pathway

The SCAA Barista Pathway presents a series of classes at both Intermediate and Professional Levels which are designed to develop a coffee crafters coffee career. Content includes but is not limited to: instruction in espresso and espresso drink preparation alongside equipment operation and customer service.

Upon completion, graduates should have established a set of immediately relevant skills to thrive in most any coffee bar environment focussing on high-level, high-quality standards as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Endorsed by the Barista Guild of America, the Barista Pathway is a powerful step forward as you pursue a meaningful career in specialty coffee.

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SCAA Foundations Of Coffee

The Foundations of Coffee course by the SCAA is designed to lay the groundwork for a life in coffee. This course is a foundation introducing the other SCAA Pathways building coffee vocabulary; while expanding critical topics to coffee such as agronomy, earth sciences, economics, and sociology along the global supply chain.

This overview of "the seed to cup journey" explores how the senses and chemistry meet in practical experiences including: coffee tastings, cuppings, and flavor perception. Beyond this theoretical and practical workings of brewing and extraction are explored.

Foundations of Coffee should prepare students for other Pathways with a comprehensive overview in both big-picture coffee trade and minutia details in coffee craft.

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