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Certification is a great investment of time and money. Make sure you’re ready. Preview content, consider requirements and determine the best path for your education. Got questions? Ask away.


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Choose your own adventure! (see below) Select specific course modules or purchase bundled packages for a broader education with greater savings. No matter where you begin your study, the course content is cross-functional.


How Do the Modules Work?

Introduction to Coffee

x3 Barista Skills

x3 Brewing

x3 Green Coffee

x3 Roasting

x3 Sensory Skills

16 Course Options

x5 @ Foundation

x5 @ Intermediate

x5 @ Professional

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Chart Your Own Course!

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How to Become an AST

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Some learners take certification step by step. Others dive in head first - especially Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs).

If you are certified Professional in any specific module here is an example of how you could pursue AST certification.